Tara Thorn Hong is a Democrat running for Massachusetts State Representative in the 18th Middlesex District.

In 2013, Tara, alongside his mother and sister, emigrated from Cambodia to Lowell, Massachusetts, with the help of his step-father. Faced with the challenges of limited English proficiency and financial constraints, he worried they would never be a part of the community. Nevertheless, the warmth and acceptance extended by the Lowell community provided them with a nurturing environment to rebuild their lives.

"The City of Lowell has become a welcoming home for us, affording us the opportunity to rebuild our lives."

Upon their arrival, Tara commenced his academic journey at Stoklosa Middle School in the Acre neighborhood. Subsequently, he pursued education at Lowell High School, Middlesex Community College, and UMass Lowell, culminating in the attainment of a Bachelor's Degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in Criminal Justice. Tara loves the years spent in Lowell during his educational pursuits and remains committed to the community through active involvement in volunteer work.

"I am a firm believer that state and local governments should implement diverse programs to foster inclusivity and provide the necessary tools for students from all backgrounds to thrive."

Tara started volunteering during COVID-19 by delivering diapers and food to families around the city. After that, Tara began to get involved with Lowell Litter Krewe in 2021 by allocating most of his Saturday mornings to picking up trash to help clean every neighborhood in our city. Because of his volunteer work, Tara was asked to serve on the Lowell Litter Krewe's board of directors, an honor he accepted. From then on, Tara started volunteering his time and commitment to different nonprofits around the city. One of those nonprofits is Mill City Grows. He has been serving on their board since 2021. On top of those commitments with different nonprofits around the city, Tara never stops showing up and speaking up to support issues that are important to him and the community. With his past role as the civic engagement coordinator at CMAA, Tara's focus is to help advocate for access for people in our community to go out and vote. Tara shows up to speak at City Hall, knock on doors, create events, and more to help educate our community about voting and keeping our elected officials accountable for their responsibility to serve the community. 

"My life's path since arriving in this country remains consistent—I am devoted to serving the community that provided me with so much. My mission is to help alleviate the challenges faced by my neighbors."

Tara's professional journey includes recent service as the Program Coordinator at Project LEARN, where he supported Lowell students in achieving success through various educational initiatives. Through these roles, Tara has acquired a deep understanding of the daily struggles many community members face. Recognizing the significance of effective communication between leaders and constituents, Tara emphasizes the need for proactive engagement to address concerns and implement initiatives that enhance residents' lives. 

Tara is committed to continue serving our Lowell community and helping provide resources and support in any way he can. That is why he also jumped on to join the Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association’s board of directors. 

Tara is young and ready to do the work for the 18th Middlesex District. Tara is committed to showing up and listening to your concerns and issues so that he can work on your behalf to advocate for the district on Beacon Hill. With Tara’s energy and passion in his work, Tara will not disappoint you. That is why: 

"I humbly ask for your vote to become your next State Representative for the 18th Middlesex District. I am committed to showing up in the community and the state house, tirelessly advocating for positive change and robust support for our district."

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